Wine have good effects on the heart – if you also exercise

Cardiac Exercise Research Group

Alkohol og brystkreftLes dette innlegget på norsk her!

Inthe last 20years there have beenmore and moreevidence that small tomoderate amounts of red wine havea protective effectoncardiovascular disease.Severalreasons havebeen discussed, such as the wine’santioxidantproperties andits ability toexpandblood vessels.Several studies havealsoshownthat wineincreases levelsofHDL, the “good” cholesterol.

During the annualHeartCongress inBarcelonacamethestartlingnewsofa majorCzechstudy showingthat wineonly protectsagainstcardiovascular diseasein peoplewho exercise.

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Neonatal Etiquette

How to behave in the NICU. Sometimes the simple basics will be all that is needed to make a big difference to parents.

Neonatal Research

In 2008 a Dr Michael Kahn published an article in the Prestigious New England Journal (which I abbreviate to PNEJM, for any new readers). It was entitled ‘etiquette-based medicine’. He made the introductory comment that although patients deserve compassionate doctors, maybe they would be satisfied with well-behaved ones. That might sound rather critical, but he went on to suggest a checklist of 6 items of common courtesy that he believed were often lacking in medical interactions, but which he thought were important for patients.

I could criticize the article for not being evidence based, but I won’t, because he was right; he also wasn’t in the least dogmatic about the list which he suggested should include these items.

1. Ask permission to enter the room; wait for an answer.

2. Introduce yourself, showing ID badge.

3. Shake hands (wear glove if needed).

4. Sit down. Smile if appropriate.

5. Briefly…

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